Is it poker skill or luck?


Whether it is a night stay with friends or some family gets together or some old ex-colleagues meeting, there is one game that brings life to the meetup. That is poker. The one game which never fails to satisfy us and all we want to do is play more of it. It is amongst one of those games which let our time slip by.

The fun part about poker,is the excuses we came, It’s like when we win we are knowledgeable and we know how to play it whereas when we lose we say, it is just a bad day.


Poker is believed to have its roots in ancient times nearly 1000 years back, crossing every continent and culture. According to historians, this card deck game was played during the 10th-century Chinese emperor. This old the game is.

Well,Poker is not an easy game, there are certain skills required to win at the tables.


A Poker player needs to be patient and disciplined enough to try the hands-on cards. Every day cannot be your day and waiting until your day arrives is important.


One of the most prominent qualities a successful poker needs to have is the ability to read not only the mind of people sitting across the table but their body language. The body language of the opponent talks much about the cards they are holding.


To become successful in the game it is important to form a correct strategic approach to turn the game on one’s side. A strategic poker player must be capable of thinking what the opponent thinks and then exactly doing the opposite of what he has expected.


Poker can sometimes make you lose some money. So a successful poker must know how to manage its bankroll and must be emotionally stable to not get affected by it emotionally.


A successful poker player must learn from the mistakes and not repeat them. Poker being an extremely unpredictable game it’s important to be cautiously aware of the mistakes that can take place.

Is poker skill or luck?

 Poker is a game of skill but one must neglect the element of luck in it. The luck of a poker player determines which two cards need to be dealt whereas skills determine how and when a card needs to navigate and also what exactly is happening in the opponent’s mind, this is the call of skill and experience. It is 100%, a game of skill in the long run and luck in the short run. With consistent applications and knowledge and mathematically superior decisions, one can easily mitigate the factor of luck.


If one wants to become a successful poker player must one believe in the skills not leave it to only luck?Being a successful poker player also includes the right balance of emotional stability and the correct attitude of reading the opponent’s body language and mind. With the correct set of skills, one can win against all odds.